1984 Book Review

I’m really starting to get back into reading (thanks to the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge) and I thought it would be fun to start sharing my thoughts on the books I read. It only seemed logical to write reviews on my blog. So welcome to my very first book review! I hope you enjoy.




Author: George Orwell

Originally Released: June 8, 1949

Page Count: 298





1984 is a dystopian novel that follows the life of a man by the name of Winston Smith, who is a low-ranking member of ‘the Party’. He, along with everybody else in Oceania, is facing oppression from the Party. The Party watches your every move through devices called telescreens. You never have any privacy and if you do something that seems suspicious or anything that looks rebellious, you will be vaporized (I’m guessing you can figure out what that means).

Not only that, but the Party has invented a new language to eliminate political rebellion, created ‘Thoughtcrimes’ to keep people from even thinking of anything rebellious, and is constantly changing history. This does not settle right with Winston, and it is only a matter of time before he rebels and tries to overthrow the Party.


What I love about this book is how thought-provoking it is. There is so much to think about in each chapter. The world/society that Geroge Orwell set up is astounding. He explores so many different themes in just a few hundred pages. The way that the Party functions is just amazing and it seems so bizarre and crazy that you think to yourself “this could never happen!” However, this type of government control is frighteningly possible.

Orwell is able to keep the book from becoming a textbook though. There are many interesting characters, and the plot is always moving steadily enough. There’s plenty of “action” I guess you could call it as well as drama.


To be honest I don’t really have any problems with the book. The only thing I can really think of is that at times the book was a bit confusing, but makes that’s just because I’m only 15 years old.


1984 is a fantastic book and I can see why it’s become a classic. It is a great book for discussion and an enjoyable read all the way. There is a lot to think about though and you may not catch everything in the first read through, so I can definitely see people having to read this book two or even three times. In the end, I am going to give 1984 a 4.5/5





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