I’m feeling a bit depressed

Okay, 'depressed' might not be the right word. I think 'funk' suits my mood more. I'm sure we all go through this at one point or another. A period of time in which we just don't quite feel like ourselves. We feel a bit off, maybe even a little sad or mad. I think I'm... Continue Reading →


Am I a Good Actor?

A question that continually haunts me is knowing if I'm a good actor or not. For those who don't know, I love acting and it's something I've heavily considered as a career. My worst nightmare, however, is being told I'm not good at acting. Instead of asking people I actually know for feedback, I decided... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things: My New Addiction

It's official, I am totally addicted to Stranger Things, the new-ish Netflix Show. I was introduced to the series by my sister. She said we had to watch it, so one night, me, both of my two sisters, mom, and dad all watched the first episode. I was hooked right away. In less than 24... Continue Reading →

Gitchie Girl Book Review

Authors: Phil Hamman & Sandy Hamman Originally Released: January 12, 2016 Page Count: 154   Overview On November 17, 1973, five teenagers went out to a state park to sit around a campfire, sing songs, and talk. Out of nowhere, three men emerged from the dark woods and shot and killed the four teenage boys in the group.... Continue Reading →

1984 Book Review

I'm really starting to get back into reading (thanks to the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge) and I thought it would be fun to start sharing my thoughts on the books I read. It only seemed logical to write reviews on my blog. So welcome to my very first book review! I hope you enjoy.  ... Continue Reading →


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